Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh yeah, trying to implement the RESTful client is proving to be difficult...The addressing.mar file is not being read - sender.engageModule(Constants.MODULE_ADDRESSING); is the problematic line - commenting it out seemed to work, but there might be some unforeseen error that Im not considering. Probably shouldn't try to figure it out this late!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 Summary

After experiencing frustration with the wsdl2 data binding this morning, I decided to mess with the jena code to try and get the lowering process off the ground at least. I think I was able to fix the jena code - apparently I was using the wrong "QueryExecution" object. I ran some sample SPARQL queries over rdf data obtained from the nexml2cdao xsl and it seemed to work ok.

One particular issue I should probably raise with Rutger, Hilmar, and/or the TreeBase team is the base URI for the relative terms in the nexml2cdao output rdf. Im not sure what this should be - for now I have a temporary base URI because jena will complain if it doesn't have a base (the rdf:IDs contain relative URIs). Im actually pretty sure this isn't a big issue as only the resulting xml matters...

Now I need to get figure out the correct SPARQL query which I don't think should be difficult for the simple Matrix service - all I need is to extract the Treebase ID from the rdf.

  • The revised nexml2cdao xsl that now includes
Tomorrow, I absolutely have to make some progress with the data binding (I think I procrastinated a little today by focusing on the jena code)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not much to report this week - I have been busy at ICWS (two talks and chairing a session). Looks like Ill have to put in double time next week...

I really think the functionality of the service needs to get done soon (at the latest in a week and a half), as I believe getting the lowering schema to work will be a challenge. The functionality is challenging as well, but doable in that time frame. The libraries can be accessed, its just a matter of getting the schema on the wsdl2.0 interface to conform... Ill have to get started on this as soon as I get home.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A lonnnggggg week...

Just got through with the transform folding the nexml triples with the metadata triples...took longer than expected because of ONE line that I commented out while debugging. Go figure...

I started populating the svn with a structure - by no means is it final but its a start. I have a lot of dependency files and should probably create an ant or maven build manager to get them all together. I will attach README files in all appropriate directories. Dependency files will exist in the clients and services directories. Im not going to populate it with my code until Sunday night when I leave for LA.

Regarding the client, I have a SAWSDL parser in place, extracting the appropriate sawsdl attributes for modelRefs and schemaMappings at different locations of the WSDL2.0 document. In the next few days, the client should be able to lift both element and input tags via the extracted xsl tags and the (start of) the jena-driven rdf operations (for the sparql) .

The service right now is just a POJO with bean classes that are meant to mimic the structure of Nexml. I tried previously to put it in the service, but got some errors. I think they are easily fixable (I can place a jar in the lib directory of the service .aar file), but leave that for when I come back. There is a clear procedure I have had to follow when creating the service and its WSDL2.0 containing the sawsdl markup. These procedures will be discussed in readme files and hopefully automated by maven/ant.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6-24 summary

Well, looks like Woden4SAWSDL is just as spaghetti as SAWSDL4J and has significantly less support for it. I can only follow the test cases (most of which do not work - at least for me). I am supposed to meet with Doug Brewer (one of the architects) Friday so I hope he can shed some light on this for me.

In the meantime, I will just continue with building the RESTful WSDL doc...


Haven't been able to work on anything today as of yet (my advisor and I have been hammering out another paper due tomorrow).

Last night as I was going to bed, I was able to get a client working (barely). If I can get that done soon, then tonight and tomorrow, I think I will go back to the Woden4SAWSDL API, play around with it, and apply it to that example WSDL REST service tutorial. The goal is to have the client be able to access the ModelReference and SchemaMapping extensibility elements in the SAWSDL (WSDL2). We'll see...

6-23 Summary

What a great tutorial! Im understanding this whole REST shoehorned into WSDL thing a lot better. I think Ill just use this tutorial as a template from here onwards. After reading, Im optimistic I can make my half-point goal. Hopefully by the end of the week Ill have some code to post.