Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14 Summary

After experiencing frustration with the wsdl2 data binding this morning, I decided to mess with the jena code to try and get the lowering process off the ground at least. I think I was able to fix the jena code - apparently I was using the wrong "QueryExecution" object. I ran some sample SPARQL queries over rdf data obtained from the nexml2cdao xsl and it seemed to work ok.

One particular issue I should probably raise with Rutger, Hilmar, and/or the TreeBase team is the base URI for the relative terms in the nexml2cdao output rdf. Im not sure what this should be - for now I have a temporary base URI because jena will complain if it doesn't have a base (the rdf:IDs contain relative URIs). Im actually pretty sure this isn't a big issue as only the resulting xml matters...

Now I need to get figure out the correct SPARQL query which I don't think should be difficult for the simple Matrix service - all I need is to extract the Treebase ID from the rdf.

  • The revised nexml2cdao xsl that now includes
Tomorrow, I absolutely have to make some progress with the data binding (I think I procrastinated a little today by focusing on the jena code)

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