Monday, June 15, 2009

6-15 summary

Well, once again did more reading than coding. I think thats going to be a common theme this summer. NeXML still remains somewhat of a mystery to me, but I think if I continue reading everyday, I will eventually get it.

That said, the transforms are still separate. I am still having trouble figuring out one example from the java api in particular - the AnnotationTest file. This file outputs annotations marked up by the meta element tag - kind of confusing to me as I had thought the dict element tag will do this. Anyway, this leads to a NeXML that does not validate! I guess I can leave it be for now, but for some reason that still bugs me. I don't think the different versioning is a problem - there may be one construct that I question in the 2.0 but for the most part they can be compatibly combined. Tests on all the examples are a must - you never know if the combination will introduce some other bug. I should include that in the docs.

The basic Web service was easy to build, but the interface is still up in question. Im going to go with a simple scenario for now and study the TreeBase docs (and the spreadsheet distributed the other day) to derive a scenario and then run it by the mentors.

Still frustrated that I haven't gotten much coding done. I know this is a necessary evil, but 3 weeks in I feel like I have to have something to show for the time. I guess the goal should be to get some code by the end of the week - regardless of scenario and/or liftingTransforms, I would like to start on the SPARQL on Thursday.

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