Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rolling Now...

I have finally begun to get on a bit of a roll. No new code to report, more testing than anything else, but I have really gotten comfortable with the NeXML java apis and the various schemas (which have direct correlations as outlined in Rutger's presentation). I also have continued reading all related materials (the wiki pages, listserves, and online forums form an INFINITE maze of information).

I spent some time today testing/observing the behavior of the stylesheets nexml2cdao and RDFa2RDFXML. For the most part, it is pretty straightforward - at least for testing the documents produced from the various test files. nexml2cdao does have that validation error with the ID - it appears to be a simple unacceptable character error (RDF:ID cannot have the character '$' in it). I think I still need another day or so of tests and looks to understand the real trend. The other issue is the versioning issue - we want to combine the two in some understandable way to get our final product, the liftingSchemaMapping stylesheet. Im hoping this can be done by the end of the weekend, because I really want to start "phase 1" of the loweringSchemaMapping (i.e. SPARQL query against the triples).

My last blog entry was somewhat rambling, so (from next Monday forward) Im going to design an organized way of detailing my day to day activities. The daily log will closely mimic the weekly log. Each day will have (at least) two entries:
  1. Beginning of the day - The outline of the day's planned activities and/or goals. I will try to be as specific as possible (regarding times and activities)
  2. End of the day (or the point in the day where I will end time devoted to VDCSoC). Here, I will list successes, setbacks, and a summary of the day (perhaps with a flavor of where I believe I stand in terms of progress)
  3. (Optional) Any sudden discoveries, unforeseen events, outlandish ideas, crazy happenstances, etc
Tomorrow (and the remainder of the weekend), I want to continue on this roll. I feel like I still have some catching up to do. I do have to interrupt it at some point though, as my advisor wants a prospectus revision done soon...

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